SYMPOSIUM: ‘I know what you think but how do you feel?’SYMPOSIUM: ‘I know what you think but how do you feel?’

Keynote by Laura Gonzalez

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Monday, 12th Jan // 19:00 // Middle Bar

I know what you think but how do you feel?

This year our performance symposium seeks to explore the potential of the performer’s body as a site for the resolution of dualism through performance.

When we consider dualism, the dividing of one’s self into two, we usually mean the Cartesian split, which argues that the cognitive does not have extension in space, and that the material cannot think; the classic mind and body dualism.

This performance symposium seeks to consider this ontology and the many other forms of dualism we encounter as part of our lived human experience:

head and heart

intellect and emotion

personal and professional

active and reflective

intuitive and logical

If the performer’s body is the site for unity of the self, then what might this performance look and feel like?

Would it be a performance that stimulates the mind and quickens the heart, a performance with enquiry and integrity, a performance where mind and body dissolve into new meaning, in front of an audience of similar bodies, resonating in their human-ness.

Come to I know what you think but how do you feel? our Into The New 2015 Performance Symposium to share in a unique performative exploration of these ideas by international and local artists and academics.