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Welcome to Into The New 2015

Whilst preparing for this year’s edition of our festival of new work, we reconsidered the role of the artist in the world. Guillermo Gómez Peña offered us inspiration in the following,

We do not look for answers; we merely raise impertinent questions. In this sense, to use an old metaphor, our job maybe to open the Pandora’s box of our times – smack in the middle of the gallery, the theatre, the street, or in front of the video camera – and let the demons loose. Others who are better trained – the activists and academics – will have to deal with them, fight them, domesticate them, or attempt to explain them.

(Live Art and Performance, 2004, Tate publishing)

As we open the Pandora’s box of Into The New this year, we can be sure that the work of this group of graduating students will raise some ‘impertinent questions’. Their performances seek to offer intellect and challenge, hope and humour, bravery and commitment.

Your role, as audience is to ‘domesticate’ their ideas, to deal with them and perhaps to explain them, to yourselves, and to each other. With that we wish you luck, as the class of 2015 may refuse to be tamed!

-Deborah Richardson-Webb, Head of Performance Pedagogy